Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our December 2014 Recap

The whole month of December seems to have just whizzed by this year.  I have only logged a few posts this month, so I want to recap a few things.

Earlier this month, I had a fun girl's trip to Disney World!

I got a new camera lens for Christmas. Asher gave it to me early so that I could play with it and actually use it for Christmas. I was playing with it one night, and this was as serious as I could get Henry to be.

Cade got a new race track at a Christmas Party, and spent a lot of time in deep concentration. His face was cracking me up!

Henry's preschool class at church sang 2 Christmas songs to the entire congregation. They were all so cute. Henry sang all the words, but was very serious about it.

We had Christmas with Asher's extended family the Saturday before Christmas. Henry got a new Color Wonder puzzle. He went from this excited face to really bummed that there was not a gray or black marker in the set. How was he going to color the minion's goggles or gloves without a gray or black marker?

Cade was excited to get another Lego set to put together.

I painted a few Family Christmas Canvases. One for us, and a couple to give as gifts to a few of my friends. (These were the ONLY crafty thing I did this Christmas.)

We spent Christmas Eve driving around looking at Christmas lights. The boys had fun, but were ready to get home and go to bed. I took a quick picture of them in front of the tree right before they went to bed.

We woke up Christmas morning and piled on our bed to read the Christmas story before we opened any gifts. This is one thing we have done every single year since Cade was a baby.

I didn't get many pictures, but we spent the rest of the day at our house with both of our families. It was a wonderful Christmas.

The day after Christmas we spent the day in the woods at a shooting range, riding 4 wheelers, and and fishing! It was the perfect way to spend the day as a family.

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  1. I love your decor! I took pictures of ours and meant to do a home tour post before Christmas too but it didn't happen! Oh well!


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