Monday, June 2, 2014

100 Mile Challenge

 I am ready to start exercising more consistently. I have started numerous programs over the years, but for whatever reason haven't been consistent. I think part of it has been that I go all in, and then burnout because I tried to do too much too fast. I have decided to do things differently this Summer. I have set a goal to walk/run 100 miles. I know that for those of you that walk/run on a regular basis, this may sound comical, but I wanted to set a goal that was attainable for this girl. 100 miles is way better than no miles, and I like knowing that if I miss a day (or 5), that I haven't messed the whole thing up. I simply have to get 100 miles in between June 1st - August 30th.

I would be thrilled for you to join me! It doesn't matter if you are a couch potato or a seasoned runner. All you have to do is commit to getting in 100 miles this Summer.

I thought about doing a link-up party so that we could all encourage each other, but I have decided that I would rather keep this SIMPLE! I want to host this from instagram. The first thing you need to do is follow me on instagram. Save the button at the top of this post and then post it to your IG account. Every time that you get out to get your miles in, post a pic of yourself on IG and use the hashtag #nn100 .Easy enough, right? Now get out those sneakers and get moving!

Who is ready to take the 100 Mile Summer Challenge?

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