Friday, December 5, 2014

Cade Turns NINE!

 Cade turned nine the day before Thanksgiving. Y'all, he is such a great kid. I just love him so much. It is so hard for me wrap my mind around him being nine already.

We were going to be headed out of town for Thanksgiving on the day of his birthday, and it never quite worked out to do anything with his friends the two weekends before, so we did the next best thing.

I invited them to come over for cake on Monday afternoon the week of Thanksgiving. I made a really simple minecraft cake, and then the kids all played outside.

The morning of his actual birthday we got up and let him open his presents from me and Asher. We spent the rest of the day packing and then loaded up to head to Jacksonville for Thanksgiving weekend.

The day after his birthday we had another little mini party for him. He had no idea it was coming, so he was pretty excited about more cake and presents.

I think he had a great birthday.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Decor - Dining Room

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent Cade's birthday and Thanksgiving out of town, so I have a LOT to catch up on. I did manage to get my dining room all ready for Christmas. The rest of the house has a long way to go...

I am not one of those people that changes my Christmas color scheme from year to year. I like to use the same thing over and over. I usually change it up a little and a new something here and there, but for the most part I don't purchase much Christmas decor each year. I didn't buy anything new for this table.

The reindeer plates belonged to my mother. I only remember her using them once, but they have become a favorite.

I really like having this chalkboard in the dining room. It's fun to decorate for birthdays and holidays when it isn't covered in spelling words.

Green Table Runner - Pottery Barn years ago
White Plates - Pier One
Reindeer Plates - Belonged to my Mother
White Fox and Squirrel - Target a few years ago

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Monday, November 24, 2014

In Everything Give Thanks - Free Thanksgiving Printable

Thanksgiving is just a few short days away.

I'm sure most of you that are hosting Thanksgiving this year already have your home decked out for Thanksgiving. Your house is probably super clean and you have just a few things left to mark off of your TO DO list.

I also know that some of you are waiting until the last minute to get your junk together.

I created a Thanksgiving Printable for those of you that need a last minute something to decorate with. You know you should be finalizing your menu and grocery list instead of trying to craft something from scratch.

Just have this printed and stick it in a frame.

To Get Your 8 x 10 Print - Download Here

 *For Personal Use Only

I am signing off for the week, so Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What You Wish Wednesday - The Farewell

I have enjoyed meeting you here each Wednesday for What You Wish Wednesday, but the time has come to say farewell.

Thank you to my co-hostesses for making this fun, and to all of you that have come by here each week to link up your posts. I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you . I do hope that you will continue to come around to see what I'm up to.

Now get those posts linked up one last time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Living Room - Rearranged

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had the brilliant idea to rearrange our living room. I liked the way our living room looked, but it really just wasn't functioning for the way we live.

-It felt small.
-There was only one really good seat for watching TV.
-There was no where to set down a cup of coffee from the love seat without moving stuff around.

It just didn't function.
We lived with this layout for as long as we have lived here, because I was told that the cable could only go on the far wall. I finally started questioning it, and my husband was a sweetie pie and moved it for me.

The large entertainment center got booted out of this room. I was a little sad, because I really liked the shelves for displaying things, but it also limited the size of our TV. A 32" TV is a little small for really enjoying a good football game. (Roll Tide!)

The room feels huge now! There is so much floor space for the boys to play, we had enough room to bring in my husband's leather recliner, and I can set a cup of coffee down from any seat without moving something. It's the little things.

It really feels like a different house.

We still have several things left to do in this room.
- The big, blank wall - I'm thinking a gallery wall.
- We need to decide on a new TV and media stand of some sort.

We brought in the teal dresser from our bedroom as a fill in until we decide what we want. This dresser works well for now, so we aren't in a hurry.

I am hoping to get started on the gallery wall soon. I would really like to have it finished before I start decorating for Christmas. Um, we'll see how that goes.

Monday, November 17, 2014

How Much Funiture Can You Switch Around in One Weekend?

Y'all, I my brain has been in over drive again. We finished a TON of projects around the house last month before my sister's Wedding Reception. I was looking forward to a month of nothing much going on around our house for the month of Nov. as we gear of for Christmas decorating in Dec.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

Thursday night I was sitting on the couch editing pictures and my lap top died. I got up to get a charger and then moved the couch I was sitting on to plug it in. Somehow when I did this, I imagined our living room laid out completely differently.

It was now midnight and I couldn't shut my bran off. When we moved into this house, almost 4 years ago, my husband told me that the cable HAD to go where it was in the living room. I just listened, and have been working around it. I was now questioning whether it HAD to be this way, or if it was just EASIER if it was this way.

I talked to my husband about the new plan and found that he could actually move the cable to the interior wall that I wanted it on. It just meant I was gong to have to stand on a ladder outside and my sweet husband was going to have to make several trips into the attic.

The short version is that my wonderful husband executed my plan beautifully! We moved the cable and rearranged the living room. But, you know what that means. The SNOWBALL. It always happens. It creates other projects and messes with other rooms. I now have a long list of new projects.

This post is getting long.

I am not going to show you how much bigger our living room now feels, but I am going to show you the bookcases that got moved to our den. They got the boot from the living room and are now at home in our den. We just removed the center one that was meant to hold a TV. I obviously had to paint the backs again, because that is just what I do. I am planning to fill you in with all of the details, but for now, you just get this one picture.

Weekly Meal Plan #16

Monday - The Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast  and Mashed Potatoes
Tuesday - Crispy Shrimp Pasta, Garlic Bread, Chess Squares (Husband's Birthday Dinner)
Wednesday - Red Beans and Rice, Corn
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Takeout

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Fall Wedding Reception

This will most likely be the only "Wedding" post you ever find on Nikki's Nacs, but my sister recently got married, and I decorated for the reception.

The goal for the reception decor was for everything to be simple, pretty, easy to execute, and very budget friendly. The original plan was to order flowers for centerpieces, but it occurred to me that I didn't have the refrigerator space to keep flowers. I was also hosting dinner at my house the night before the reception, so I needed something that could be done in advance. We quickly switched gears, and landed on a simple fall theme.

My mom had a pretty nice collection of pumpkins that my sister and I have held on to, so that was our starting point. I was going to purchase more, but my sister's new MIL also had a nice collection of pumpkins that we were able to use.

The venue for the reception included white table clothes, so we decided to use burlap on top of the white.

The only thing that was purchased for the centerpieces, in addition to the burlap, was teal burlap ribbon, yarn, and scrapbook paper to make tags.

There were 6 large round tables, and 4 smaller bar tables. Each table had a different centerpiece. I decorated my table at home with all of the different centerpieces before hand and took pictures so that it would be easy to decorate the morning of the reception. I was a huge time saver!

Ok, enough talking. I am going to let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.

It looks like I missed getting a picture of one of the tables. Oh well, It had pumpkins and burlap on it.

The card and gift table.

There was also a burlap bunting on the front of this table, but my picture didn't turn out.

 In lieu of a guest book, all of the guests signed this monogram wreath with a metallic sharpie. There was also a journal on the table for anyone that wanted to leave a note.

I hope you enjoyed getting a peak at my sister's wedding reception. It was an honor to be able to decorate for her. She gave me free reign and had no opinion.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What You Wish Wednesday No. 26

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Nifty Betty's Thanksgiving Calculator - I don't know about you, but I always have such a hard time trying to figure this out. This is very helpful.

3 Ways to Put Dinner on the Table Every Night by Sara at Classically Homeschooling has some great tips.

Thanksgiving Tablescape and Blog Hop - by Amanda at Cultivate Create - Hopefully you didn't miss this blog hop, but just in case you sure to stop by Amanda's blog for some Thanksgiving Inspiration.

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