Monday, March 10, 2014

Breakfast Room Updates

I feel like we have a brand new breakfast room. Before I dive into the what, when, and hows -  let's take a look back at where this room started.

1. Shortly after we moved in. The only thing that had been done was that the new tile floors had been installed.

2. First Set of Updates
 - copper blinds were removed and replaced with curtains made from clearance table cloths from Target
- chandelier was swapped for the one in the dining room and spray painted oil rubbed bronze
- wallpaper was painted (We chose not to remove because the walls were paneling. The grooves had been filled and then wallpapered over. We weren't sure what kind of condition it would be in if we removed it. )
- new table

3. Second Set of Updates
-new bar stools
-new curtains (This time the curtains were made from $2 Ralph Lauren fabric scored at a yard sale.) 

I wasn't really looking to change this room, but then a series of events happened, and one thing led to another.

It all started back in December, when Asher started building our new dining room table. I had initially planned to sell our old dining room table, but then I decided to see how it worked in the breakfast room without the leaf. The bar height table was nice, but it was really small, and not very comfortable to sit at for very long. I thought we would live with it for a few days and then make a decision. Ha, it didn't take that long. We move it in, sat down, decided it was perfect, and sold the bar height table and bar stools on Craigslist the next day.

The old table was gone, so the next step was to purchase new chairs. I used the money that we made selling the other table and bar stools to put towards ordering these, and have been been really happy with them. I had planned to paint the table white, but the longer I have left the table black, the more I like it in this room. My kitchen cabinets are more off white, than white, and our tile floor it really light. I feel like the table would just kind of get lost if it were white. 

We swapped the breakfast room and dining room chandeliers with each other. I was over the red, and decided to paint the chandelier Ivy Leaf green before putting it back in the breakfast room. The pop of fun color was just what this really neutral kitchen needed.

I could have called it done at this point, but I really wanted to update the curtains in this room. The first 2 sets of curtains were really cheap, better than what was there, but not what I wanted forever. The curtains were also not functioning exactly like I wanted. The ones over the  kitchen window would get splattered on while washing dishes, and when I washed them the colors kind of bled together in a few places making them look splotchy. I replaced the curtains over the kitchen with a bamboo shade, and then moved the brown chevron curtains into this room to see if I liked them in here, or if I needed to find something else.

The chevron curtains were perfect in here. Ok, so they weren't perfect. They were about 4" too short.  When I purchased the fabric I did not pre-wash, I just left them really long and never actually hemmed them. I thought I left plenty of extra fabric to allow for shrinkage, but I was wrong. Really wrong. My plan was to just cut them and have short curtains in here, but then then  I decided that I really did like the long length in here. I did the next best thing. I went to Hobby Lobby and found a green fabric to extend the curtains. It was simple, and I really like the added color. Shrinking the curtains turned into a happy accident.

I still want to add bamboo shades to the window, but it is just a matter of having the extra funds to do so. It will come with time. Homes take time.

What do you think about the changes?

The room is so much prettier, but my favorite change is that we actually enjoying eating in this room now.

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  1. Love your updates Nikki! Your kitchen is so bright and charming!

  2. i love how colorful it is looking in here. enjoy!

  3. What a great room, I love those curtains!

  4. Such a lovely nook! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Stopping by from Suburbs Mama Link party. I love your kitchen and breakfast area! Really love your blog and I'm your newest follower!


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