Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Master Bedroom

Our MB needed some serious tweaking and lightening up. I made a few very simple, inexpensive changes that made a big difference in the look and feel of this room.

I give you the BEFORE - the very unput together look.

And here is the AFTER- much brighter and a little more pulled together.

The Changes
-Added White Pillow Shams the I already had
-Took the flower prints out of the frames that were once above the bed and added black and white wedding photos and moved to the other wall
-Added 3 white frames above the bed with scrapbook paper
-changed out the night stand on my side of the bed
-Added different accessories from other parts of the house , painted them white, and edited a few other items.

I would still like to
-get 2 new lamps that are little more sleek
-take the mirror off of the dresser and add a large mirror on the wall. either white or silver
-take down the printed curtains and add white ones for an airier feel
-change the solid blue pillow for a blue and white modern printed one
-I'd love the lose the head and foot board and add fabric covered headboard, but I'm not sure that the husband will go for it

I'm happy the the lighter look for a few bucks on 3 frames and scrapbook paper.


  1. it looks great! it is amazing how much we can do without breaking the break.
    nice work!!

  2. Love your new touches. Just makes it more relaxing to be in I'm sure!

  3. I just re did our bedroom and I feel like I sleep better because of it!

  4. I love the new touches! So pretty. And the colors are very soothing!

  5. It's amazing how such small changes can make a big difference :)

  6. ::high five!!:: I esp. adore the framed art above the bed. Looks fab!

    Don't you just love how moving around some things & editing a room can do wonders? Love it! =]


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