Friday, September 25, 2009

Artwork for the Nursery

I decided to do something fun before I tackle operation "Making Room for Baby." I'm still trying not to think about how much work it is going to be. I'm pretty good at procrastinating.

I knew that I wanted to paint a name canvas for our new little guy. I thought it would be a great way to give you a "sneak peek" into what I have planned for the nursery without giving everything away. I love the colors, I think they look quite masculine.

Navy happens to be one of my favorite colors for little boys. It is an easy color and it makes transitioning a nursery into a toddler/big boy very easy.

I purchased the bedding from a major store instead of doing something custom. It is just simpler this way. I also found something that I fell in love with and knew right away that it was what I wanted to use. Any guesses on what I picked based on the canvas?

Oh, and just in-case your aren't sure, his name is HENRY! It took a lot of searching and discussion to land on a name this time. It has been funny to hear our family's response. My mother, dad, and brother don't like it at all and think that it is a joke. I happen to love the name and told them we weren't taking a poll, his name is still Henry.

**EDIT** I know that his name is crooked. I thought I could live with it, but I can't. So, I'm going to redo this.


  1. Henry! AWWWW, that name is ADORABLE! You can never go wrong with a classic name, I think!!

  2. I LOVE the name Henry. Very cute. That is actually my hubby's middle name, and we considered using it for #1. And great job on the canvas--can't wait to see his room!

  3. I had a feeling you would name him Henry. You KNOW I love, love, love the name.

    We also had people look at us like we were crazy when we named our son Henry, but now, I cannot imagine any other name for him. Just watch out, because the meaning of the name is Ruler of the House and if your Henry will be anything like my Henry, the name will hold true!! :)

    Love the picture you did. So wish I had that talent. If you decide on something different, you can send that one my way!!

  4. I think the name is really cute. It's your baby, so feel free to go with whatever name you wish :)

  5. No one liked the name Eli when we named But now not one person in our family will ever admit they hated it at first....they all say how much they loved It's all different when they see the that sweet baby...:)

  6. Cute! I think Henry is such a cute name, too. Congrats! Can't wait to see the nursery!

  7. Love the canvas! And stick to your guns girl,It is definitely about what is perfect for your family when choosing name.

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