Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dare to...Have Traditions

Is everyone ready for Christmas?

Since it is finally the week of Christmas I thought I would share some of our Christmas traditions with you.


1. Christmas Baking- The little man and I always look forward to baking. We usually make some type of cookie and some type of muffin.


2. Reading the Christmas story from Luke in our bed before we see what's in our stocking.

3.Christmas Breakfast - Cherry Danish- This is so good.

This year we are going to start a new tradition. We are going to bake a Birthday Cake for Jesus. The little man is getting old enough to understand the real reason that we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus. He really is the best gift of all.

Dare to DIY
Be sure to check out the party for other traditions.


  1. I love all your traditions. Sounds fun (and yummy). I may have to try the recipe you linked to, we're hosting a breakfast on the day after Christmas.

    Thanks for joining up this week! Happy Holidays!

  2. I feel like our Christmas tradition is trying to find a Christmas traditon. However we usually watch as many Christmas movies as possible the week of Christmas. My mother dad brother husband and the girls all dress in matching pjs the night before and open our Santa presents the next morning in matching attire. One of our traditions( not sure how long this one will last) is traveling we have 8 Christmas cellibrations to attend within 3 days rainging from Tuscaloosa Dothan black woods and pratville and often panama city. This traveling thing is what u make it you can make the best or let it get the best of you, however I am greatfull for the family time and I am thankfully for the grandparents and great grams that are still with us. I would live to have a real tree decorated with strings of popcorn and foil stars and red and green apes ( outside I hate the pine needles). But that tradition is another on the ever growing list of ones to start. When I was little our family ( aunts uncles cousins) would Carol , that is a tradition I would love to pass on to my girls but living in smallsville it to is on the list.

  3. Ok. I would like to have a live tree decorated with strings of popcorn , foil stars and red and green APPLES not apes. Really I am fond of monkeys and I have seen all of the planet of the apes movies, however I would NOT like them on my tree not green nor red ones.

  4. Melba Toast, I am rolling! I am so glad you have a blog now.


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