Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guess Baby #2's Birthday

I thought it might be fun for you to all guess when this baby will make his appearance. There will be no prize, this is just for fun.

I will give you some background info to consider while making your guess.

Baby #2
Due Date based on first ultra sound - Feb. 12
Due Date based on cycle - Jan. 27
At my last appt. I was still measuring right on for the Feb. 12th due date.

Baby #1
Due Date based on first ultra sound - Dec. 14
Due Date based on cycle - Nov. 22
Born - Nov. 26 at 5:08 am, 7lbs 8 oz., 20.5 inches

And just so you know, I'm not counting on him coming closer to the earlier date just because my first son did. I know that they are all different.

So, give me your best guess, what day and time will he arrive?


Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! I read and appreciate each and every single one.


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