Monday, February 1, 2010

Adding Touches of Red

I have been slow about doing this, but I'm still trying to add some red to our living room to make the new addition of my husbands red chair work. In case you don't remember, when we converted the office to a nursery the red chair found a new home in the living room. As you can see in the above pic my living room was very neutral with touches of blue.

Here are some of the touches of red I have added. My goal was to spend very little if any money at all.

1. I painted the white vase on the mantle red with some craft paint that I already had. $0
2. I add scrapbook paper to the candles on the mantle (and a few other places in the room). $4
3. I made a pillow cover using fabric and ribbon I had on hand. $0
4. I had several red books and decided to use this bookshelf for holding books. (genius, huh) I couldn't get it accessorized in a way that I liked without purchasing more things so I just went functional for now.

What do you think? I don't have full room shot just yet because once the room was straightened back up the lighting was terrible. There is still more that I want to do in this room, but I'm not getting in a hurry. I 'll tell you what else I need to do in a future post that includes a full room shot.


  1. looking great!
    ... also i just realized that you don't have much time left waiting on the baby! woohoooo!


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