Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Jesse from Good Girl Gone Glad has tagged me in this fun blog award.
Thanks Jesse!

To accept this award I must list 10 things that make me happy and then pass this award along to 10 fabulous blogs!

10 Things that make me happy are as follows:

1. My Husband
2. Hearing my son laugh
3. Knowing that son #2 will be here soon
4. Sunday afternoons with my family
5. Drinking black coffee (I'm really missing this)
6. Sleeping in
7. Driving in the car by myself in complete silence (you know what I mean if you have a talkative little kiddo)
8. Hanging out with my sister
9. Lunch with my mother every week
10.Spray paint

Now to pass it on:

Intentionally Katie

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The Proper Pinky
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My Life in Transition
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The Briggs
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  1. so fun! aren't little one's laughs the best?? you are going to have so much fun with two boys=)! hope you're feeling great!

  2. Thinking of you! Hope you are doing okay and your baby boy gets here soon.

  3. Hey thanks for the award it made my day! good luck with everything! your living room looks great! you must be nesting haha!sorry I am posting from my photography blog.. but its lindsey Briggs


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