Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Livingroom After

I finally have the livingroom pics AFTER adding the touches of red.

Here is the before again

and this is after adding some red to make that chair work.

Here is a list of what I would still like to do as I have time and extra money for these projects.

1. New Lamps
You will notice in the after pic that I don't have a lamp on both sides of the couch. I moved the second lamp between the 2 chairs because it gets used more there. I have had the 2 lamps for years and want something a little more modern. Still not sure what exactly, but I need a total of 3. They don't all have to be exactly the same, but they need to be 3-way b/c they are the only source of light in this room. Send me some links if you have some suggestions.

2. Slip Covers for the two ottomans
The black ottomans also moved from the office to the living room. They were a steal and perfect in the office, but for the living room I think the black faux crocodile needs a makeover. When I get in the mood I plan to make brown fabric slip covers.

-I think the addition of a rug would be great, but because we are renting I just can't commit to a rug. I know I can take the rug with me, but this house isn't long term. When we move I may change everything.

-You can't see them in the after pic, but the curtains are the same as in the before pic.


  1. Great job! The red touches really make a difference. Are you ready for the new little man's arrival? I bet you are excited...



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