Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nursery Details Part 2 - The Artwork

I knew from the start that I wanted most of the artwork to be DIY'd,
and I wanted it to be somewhat modern.

I had a large canvas sitting around that I knew I would repaint and use over the crib. I decided to go with painted stripes and an elephant silhouette. The elephant in the bedding was very simple so I just drew one on that back of an old poster and cut it out to use as a stencil. It worked like a charm. This painted canvas is one of my favorite things in the nursery.

My total Cost - $2

canvas - re-purposed - $0
paint - acrylic paint from craft store - $2

I had a large frame that was a good size to use over the dresser, but I had a hard time finding just the right thing. I had the thought to cut out circles and frame them, but I couldn't find scrapbook paper in the shade of blue that I wanted. I decided to just paint some paper with the paint I used on the elephant canvas and then use my circle punch to cut out all of the circles. I just taped the circles to a piece of white poster that I already had and put it in the frame.

My total Cost - $0
frame and mat - re-purposed - $0
paint - used from canvas project - $0
poster and tape - already had - $0

My original plan was to reuse a shelf that we painted the same color as the crib and changing table over the changing table. Once the changing table and rocker were in the room I just wasn't feeling the shelf. I'm still not sure what I didn't like about it, it just wasn't right. I was out of ideas for artwork, but needed something on that wall. I really didn't want to paint anything else. I was walking through TJ Maxx and spotted a set of 3 Amy Coe canvases. A lion, elephant, and monkey. The colors were perfect. The set of 3 was only $8! I knew I couldn't buy canvases to paint myself for that so I snatched them up. They weren't what I was looking for, but I didn't really know what I wanted. Once they were up, I was very pleased.

My total Cost - $8

I painted a canvas with the baby's first initial with the intent of placing it on the shelf that I was picturing over the changing table. Since I scratched the shelf I ended up putting the initial canvas on the door. (Okay, so maybe I haven't hung it yet, but it will be hung on the door.)

My total Cost - $4
canvas - purchased with coupon for $4
paint - already had

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  1. They're all just wonderful!!!!

  2. They all turned out so great! Getting excited for you since Henry will be here soon!!!!!! ;-)

  3. They look so great, Nikki!! What a lucky little guy, to have such a sweet nursery :)

  4. These are awesome! My favorite is the elephant, just adorable.

  5. They turned out great! I just loved crafty blogs, thanks for sharing! Bless you! ^^

  6. The nursery room looks really cute! I love the modern simplicity of it. Your rocker looks very comfy...this is important as you know :-) Great job decorating. Now if only the little guy would make his arrival so you can put it to use.

  7. everything turned out great! I especially love the canvas with the initial on it=)!


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