Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nesting in full swing!

- I cleaned out every drawer, basket, cabinet, and bulletin board that collects clutter.
- Rearranged a few kitchen cabinets and did some purging

We have been keeping up with the cleaning and laundry, but on Saturday we did a major clean.

-Major deep clean in the bathroom - including washing shower curtain and liner, I scrubbed the tub (you can see here that the husband has been doing this for me for months), and the rest of the bathroom, bleached all of little mans tub toys
-Cleaned out and rearranged the bathroom linen closet
-Vacuumed, mopped, dusted entire house (the husband vacuumed)
-Cleaned out my SUV
-Washed the car seat cover and all of the other car seat parts, made sure it was installed properly
-3 loads of laundry
-Finally hung up the initial canvas on the baby's door
-The husband hung up the last curtain rod in the nursery (now the curtain rods match)
-The husband was sweet enough to go through the large stack of mail and deal with it for me. We usually do this daily, but I let it get piled up.
-Everything is packed and ready for the hospital, I made a list for the last minute stuff
-Cleaned out the microwave

This may not seem like much to some of you, but that is way more than I would normally do in a day, especially while pregnant.

Baby still isn't here, so keep those guesses coming.


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  2. wow... you really are nesting!
    I say tonight the baby will arrive!

    Probably wrong but good luck & blessings whatever day it is!


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