Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Lamp Has a Real Shade

Do you remember the thrift store lamp that went all wrong when I tried to revamp the shade?
Well, it has a real shade now and makes me happy.

Looking at this picture I now know that I need to straighten the lamp shade,
or maybe just remind Cade about the NO BALLS IN THE LIVING ROOM RULE,
and I really need to line those curtains.
If only I had a few extra hours in the day. Maybe one day.

So, I guess this means that I am officially back from my little break.
My neck is back to normal, and my sweet little guy is sleeping much better through the night.
All is well.


  1. I LOVE your curtains! I think it is good that there is no liner because it lets more light through. Glad to hear you feel better and everyone is getting more sleep.


  2. The lamp looks great and so does your curtains! Glad your feeling better. =)


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