Friday, July 9, 2010

5 months

Henry is 5 months old!
This has been a month full of firsts for Henry
-first family vacation
-first long trip in the car
-first wedding
-first baseball game
-first trip to Disney World
-first time to roll over (back to front)
-first time to sleep for 13 hours
-first time to eat cereal
-first time to meet Uncle Paul, Aunt Teresa, and cousin Jason

-he is still sleeping through the night most nights
-he thinks peekaboo is the funniest thing (other than his big brother)
-he wears a size 2 diaper
-he is wearing mostly size 6-9 month clothes and a few 6-12 month
-he is starting to like hanging out in his walker, but not for more than about 10 minutes
-he likes to hold his feet
-he is usually sucking on his hand, fist, forearm, bib or shirt
-he still likes his paci at night and nap time
-when we lay him in his crib he still sticks both of his feet straight up in the air (he has done this since he was a newborn)
-he finally rolled over. I was starting to wonder if he would ever do it. He is shy about it though, we still haven't seen it. He usually weights until I lay him down to play on the floor and then walk into the kitchen to do something. When I come back he is on his stomach instead of his back.
-nursing and supplementing with formula is still going well
-we have tried giving him rice cereal and oatmeal a few times. He is starting to like the oatmeal pretty well, but still isn't swallowing it as well as he should, so we will give it a rest and try again in a few weeks or so.

I know it's Friday, but I decided to post this instead of My Favorite Blog Feature Friday. It will return next week.

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  1. Cute! That is funny about putting his feet in the air when you lay him down. I can just imagine what that looks like. Averi didn't roll onto her tummy until she was 6 months. She is 9 months now and not even close to crawling. She just rolls around on the floor but she has gotten really good at that!


  2. I can really see you in him in that first photo! So cute!


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