Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boy's Room "Tweaks"

I have been working on tweaking Cade's room a little bit.

This is the first of several things I have done.
Sometimes really small "tweaks" make such a difference.

I simply moved the armoire to the corner of the room,
and added some things I painted on the wall.

4 painted picture frames
(containing various things of interest to my 4 year son)
1 barn star
1 painted silhouette

Easy to do. Easy on the wallet. Easy on the eyes.

What simple changes have you made lately?

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  1. I love it when little changes make a big impact!

  2. You're so talented and thoughtful, Nikki! Looks great!

  3. Nice bank! :) ....oh, and great job on the tweak!

  4. Steph, glad you like the bank. Cade saw it in my closet a while back and thinks it is the greatest thing ever. I even still have the key.

  5. Nice redo! The arrangement of items on the wall is very eye catching. :)

  6. Visiting from Just A Girl! I LOVE those picture frames! Too cute!


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