Monday, September 20, 2010

the photo wall - take 2

after (please excuse the photo quality, the lighting in my hallway is TERRIBLE)

Sometimes things don't turn out exactly like I picture them, and sometimes it's because I get in a hurry.

before - (again please excuse the poor photo quality)

I knew that I wanted a photo gallery in our hallway. I had been collecting frames and pics and was ready to go. I arranged them on the floor and thought I liked the layout. Once I started hanging them,  I realized that I was spacing them too close together and that there was a  picture that was making the arrangement look too cluttered. (the one with the hand prints - I still like it for sentimental reasons, but this wasn't the right place for it) Because I had already started I just kept going. I kept telling myself that it would look better tomorrow. Well, guess what? 4 months later it was still bothering me.

It was time to take them all down, patch the holes, paint, and start over. Not the most fun project, but it was worth the extra effort. I edited the frame that had my son's hand prints on the mat and relocated it. There were also a few pics that were moved to a bookcase, simply because I needed something to put in the bookcase.  I am MUCH happier with this arrangement. I no longer cringe every time I walk past these.

Do you have something that you didn't do right the first time because you got in a hurry? Have you taken the extra time to fix it?


  1. I live in a park model mobile home so I don't put much on the walls. I did put down new flooring in the kitchen and matched it to the grandkids Nesquik and didn't take into account that most foods are white. Now it's more work than it was before and I can't fix a great Monday. Your wall of photos looks very nice.

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  3. It looks great! I do the same thing sometimes and get in to big of a hurry.

  4. The after looks great and so did the before! Isn't it fun to start from scratch sometimes? I am doing that with my guest room right now.


  5. Those photo walls are hard but yours looks awesome!


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