Sunday, September 19, 2010

weekly plan - september 19, 2010

sunday - buffalo wings, mac n cheese (look for the wing recipe later this week)
monday -french bread pizza
tuesday - chicken and rice casserole, broccoli
wednesday - leftovers
thursday - chicken enchiladas
friday - red beans and rice
saturday - leftovers

the project list

-get some ruffled wrist straps listed in my etsy shop
-get the kinks worked out of our new daily/weekly routine and stick to it. I will probably blog about this as some point, but we have needed a routine. I tend to just wing it, and that really is working well any more. I am ready to be more intentional about some things.

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  1. Totally stealing most of your don't hate to cook I hate to figure out what to make each night. Since our kids are grown we were eating out a lot but now our waistlines are growing so some changes need to be made. Thanks for the headstart on next week.


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