Monday, October 4, 2010

drop cloth pillow covers {stripes}

I have a problem when it comes to committing to pattern. I like pattern. I am drawn to it. Just can't commit. I look at fabric, think it is the one, and then decide that as much as I change my mind, it will end up being  waste of money....I'm working on it.

So, in the mean time, I needed some new pillow covers. Since I can't make up my mind I decided to make some out of 'scraps' in my fabric box. If I hate them in a week, oh well. No money wasted. But for now, I really like them. I will always had a thing for stripes.

After some left over drop cloth, brown craps {ok, so it was an old brown curtain that I cut up}, and a little time cutting and sewing,  I now have new pillow covers that didn't cost me anything.


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