Tuesday, October 5, 2010

messy drawers no more

Yesterday my MIL had the boys for most of the day, so I had some time to do a few little things that I have been wanting do. Stuff like cleaning out drawers. Super fun.

Our kitchen is TINY! We have a total of 2 drawers. Like, only 2 drawers in the whole kitchen. Most of the cooking utensils that are used frequently are in a crock next to the stove. The rest of the kitchen stuff has been organized many times, but keeps ending up in a mess.

It was obvious that things weren't working as is.  I needed to rethink what to keep, and what just needed to be organized better. I purchased a total of 2 plastic bins for about $1, and mostly worked with what I had.

The best thing I did in this drawer was to turn the utensil tray upside down so that I could use that extra compartment for kiddie forks and spoons. Why had that never occurred to me before?

Much better.

What have you been organizing lately?

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  1. I hate kitchen drawers, they are always messy no matter what I do. And I have lots of drawers to mess up, too!


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