Sunday, December 5, 2010

weekly plan - december 5, 2010

sunday - lunch - out with my parents
              dinner - takeout
monday - crab alfredo
tuesday - small group
wednesday - soup and grilled cheese
thursday - dinner at Great Grandmothers'
friday - to be determined
saturday - to be determined

 to do
- finish ordering Christmas cards (yes, I'm a little behind)
- sewing and more sewing
- get some pics of Cade's b-day present so that I can share it with all of you. 
  (he has already put in an order for us to build him something else for Christmas, 
  not sure that will happen)
- figure out (and do) which Christmas crafts to do with Cade
- just have fun with my kids. they are growing up way to fast 

Thanks to my friend Kendall for a shout out on the camera wrist strap. 

(I am going to extend this SALE for all of you, just email or message me on Facebook with the # of the one that you would like. Check FB to see pics of the designs available.)

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