Monday, June 27, 2011

Bathroom Revamp

It was time to give the boy's bathroom a revamp. Bye-bye ugly floral wallpaper.

One of the things that we decided with this house was that we weren't going to give the bathrooms a major overhaul. We are renting and have the option to do a major remodel, but we decided that we would rather not put that much time and effort in since we are renting. If we decide to purchase this house when our lease is up will do a full gut job at that point.

Paint really does make a big difference. I removed the wallpaper, sanded the walls, patched a few places that needed it and then painted the walls and cabinet. Nothing major, just messy.

The fun part of the revamp was adding artwork. Cade picked out this shower curtain before we moved in so, I know that is would be the color inspiration. I had some canvases that weren't being used anymore and new that I could just paint over them. I decided to go with dog silhouettes.  I found images online that I liked and magnified them on the computer screen to fit the size canvas I was using, put a piece of copy paper over the screen, traced the images, and then cut them out to use as a stencil that could be traced on the canvas. The backs of the canvas were painted navy blue so I traced the stencil with a piece of chalk and then filled them in with paint. To remove the chalk residue I simply wiped the entire canvas with a baby wipe once the paint was dry.

There are still a few things that I plan to do (new light fixture, change out the cabinet hardware, new facet, possibly a new sink, and new switches, outlets, and covers), but for now it's done.

Shower Curtain - $17.48 on clearance at Target
2 navy rugs - $6 on clearance at Target
Paint - Leftover from dining room-Olympic Fast Hide paint color matched to Valspar Smoked Oyster-$0
Artwork - 3 repurposed canvases from my stash using paint that I had on hand - $0

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  1. I love it! Isn't it fun to makeover little bathrooms? They are cheap and easy :-)


  2. Wow, such a great makeover!!!

  3. A little paint made a big difference in here! Very cute!

  4. it looks so much better! paint really does make a huge difference.

  5. Such a cute remodel. Im loving the art so much and the colors. I'm feeling all things red and blue lately.

  6. Paint really can make all the difference, you have a fun bathroom.

  7. It looks terrific, Nikki! The perfect solution for your home, rental or not!

  8. I agree, the paint makes the tile look fabulous! And the dog pics- LOVE EM! Everything looks great!


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