Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Front Door Paint

Thank you all for giving me your input on what color to paint my front door. I purposely didn't tell you what color I had in mind because I didn't want to sway your opinion. Four months ago I stood on the porch and went through every possible paint color option and landed on English Tea Party.

Then I started to second guess myself. Thank you Anna for putting my mind at ease with my selection and suggesting  a dark brown. I do think that black would have been okay, but I really think that the brown will give it just the touch of warmth that is lacking in the current color scheme.

After looking at a few colors online I think I want to check out Black Walnut  in person too.  Now I just have to get motivated to tackle another painting project.

What color is your front door?

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  1. I like both of those. The bottom one is pretty hot. Def. worth the check out!

  2. I think "Black Walnut" sounds perfect!


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