Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 Bills 2 Blow - Bella Nest

I have to give Holly a little introduction before you see how she would blow $200. Holly is one of my very best friends (in real life). We used to work together and went to college together. We certainly had some good times back in the day. I don't even want to think about how long ago that actually was. Anyway, Holly is new to blogging, but she has always had a great eye for decor. I remember going to her house as a teenager and being amazed at how put together her bedroom was. Oh, and she can craft with the best of them.


Hi there, all you awesome Nikki's Nacs readers! My name is Holly from Bella Nest. I was thrilled when Nikki asked me to share how I would spend $200! With Christmas just around the corner, I know exactly what I would do... a c c e s s o r i z e my nest! This year red and white are popular colors to use in decorating, but I have to stay true to my all time favorites: different shades of blue, silver, and white. This year I want to add more white into my living and dining rooms.

I've been on the lookout for a white nativity scene and just found this one from Pottery Barn.

Isn't it gorgeous? 
But guess how much it costs?! $199! That's all my budget right there and I couldn't see myself spending that much on a smaller seasonal item like this!
So I would get this one I found on Amazon for $54.99...

I would put this on my sofa table and surround it with greenery and silver accents.

This sphere filler mix ($15.95) from Pier 1 would be perfect in my apothecary jar like this one.

This rhinestone and velvet pillow ($15.95) from Pier 1 would be perfect to add a little bling to my living room.

These mercury glass candlesticks ($65) from Ballard Designs would be beautiful anywhere really, but I'd put them along my dining room table on this natural colored, linen runner sold on Etsy for $38.

Shopping List:
Nativity Scene    $54.99
Filler Mix            $15.95
Pillow                 $15.95
Candlesticks       $65.00
Runner               $38.00
Grand Total       $189.90 

Yay! I think we did good! A little under budget here, but once we add tax it's close! I'm super excited about decorating for Christmas this week! I hope you are too! Please stop by Bella Nest any time! Happy decorating and Merry Christmas to YOU! xx

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