Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Got $200? - Let's add some Pattern and Color

I mentioned last week that one of the easiest ways to transform a room is to bring in pattern and color. I also believe that it can be done on a real budget without DIY'ing everything. And you know I like a good DIY, but I know that not everyone has the patience.

This week I put together some curtains and pillows in gray, green, and navy.

Target Home Henna Curtain Panels in Gray - 2 panels at $24.99 each

Green White and Navy pillow cover by fabricate - $35 each

Navy and White pillow covers by Fabric Junkie - Set of 2 $30

Vintage Green and White Pillow cover by SuzanneBag- $22

Oh, and check my math, this one comes in well under $200, and you don't have to sew anything.

images: target, fabricate, fabric junkie, SuzanneBag

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  1. Nice. That's what I am talking about...no sewing! :)

  2. Thanks for popping over at my blog. It was nice to meet you and your family last week. :) As you can see we have a huge family :). Who knows I might run into you again I am in dothan at least once a week until our publix opens up here.


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