Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2 Bills 2 Blow - Teal and Lime

Hi, I'm Jackie from Teal & Lime. I am so excited Nikki asked me to share what I would buy with $200. I knew right away I would spend it all on our family room. The room has been a little neglected since we moved into this house. The room already has good furniture, even though the yellow chairs below are borrowed from the office when we have company.

Family Room Furniture Arrangement

I just updated our family gallery wall with our latest family portraits. The colors in the photographs are stunning. We dressed in aqua, red-orange, and olive green. The backdrop was yellow orange fall leaves. I want to draw these colors out and use them in accessories around the room. Here is a preview of the updated family gallery wall, that I have not even shared on my own blog yet.

Family Gallery Wall

To infuse the colors into the room and pull the room together, I would sprinkle around my $200 focusing primarily on turquoise, yellow, and red-orange accents. My favorite place to shop accessories is Etsy. Here is what I found for my $200. (Note: To stay under budget I fought the urge to have pillows in pairs and I am kind of liking the resulting eclectic mix.)

Vintage Eclectic Family Room Accessories

1. Hello wood sign from Oh Dier - $42 - I have adored this sign for so long. It is adorable, welcoming, and happy. I must have it.

2. Autumn Red-Orange Lattice Pillow from The Lacey Placey - $14.50 - the perfect shade of red-orange to compliment the teal and add a punch of color on the gray sofa.

3. Teal Chevron pillow from Nena Von - $25 - I really like the oversized chevron print. I already have a smaller scale yellow chevron print in the Eames chair, so this over-scaled version will be a fun contrast.

4. Pair of Architectural Wooden Corbels from Bodie and Boo - $29.99 - love these to serve as book ends for our photo albums.

5. Ornate Yellow Picture Frame from Michelle Lisa's Treasure Chest - $29 - I love yellow. This frame will bring a pop of yellow onto the built ins and tie in with the yellow chevron pillows and the yellow chairs when they are in the room. We already have lots of pictures in the room, so I think I will frame a nice quote like one of these I have been collecting on Pinterest.

6. Coca-Cola Soda Crate from First Comes Love - $40 - I want one of these to sit on the shel to hold the kids library books.

7. Cast Iron Architectural Finial from Pink Pelican Designs - $18 - great decor item to break up the monotony of bowls and vases I currently have going on

Grand Total= $198.50

So at first $200 does not seem like a lot, but with some shopping patience (Nikki gave me a few weeks to pull this together) it is amazing how many great accessories you can pull together for one room. I hope this inspires you to accessorize one of your neglected rooms.

Thanks for having me Nikki. It is the season of giving, so I won't spend money on myself right now, but after the holidays I may just have to blow 2 bills on all this great stuff. When I do I will definitely be back to share.

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  1. Jackie, LOVE LOVE LOVE your sofa and chairs. Can you let me know where you got them?? I have been wanting a gray sofa and I love the lines of the one you have. Love all of the pretties you selected.

  2. Hi Brandi. You can find out all the details about the living room furniture here:
    My best advice is to find a furniture store you love and then find out if they have an outlet near you. We have been building our furniture collection over the last 5 years with most pieces from the Room & Board outlet in Minneapolis. I know Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and others have outlet stores in other cities. We got a huge discount on this sofa and it was in perfect condition. Happy furniture shopping!

  3. Such pretty colors. Love the pieces you chose!

  4. Love the collection Jackie put together. I think these pops of color will really ramp up the family room.
    Love your blog and this series- such a fantastic idea!

  5. Nicole, I love the series. It has been so much fun to see and I think this one was my most fav so far. Nicely done Jackie! :)

  6. What a neat series. I love how she totalled it up! Organized! Love your blog.


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