Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 Bills 2 Blow - The Way We Are

Today we have Leah from The Way We Are. If you aren't familiar with her blog you are in for a treat.

Oh wow when Nikki asked me to be a part of this 2 bills 2 blow series, I was really excited! But it kinda just made me want to actually have 2 bills 2 blow!
So if I did have a couple hundred dollars lying around I would probably redo our entry a bit by buying a couple cool vintage posters. Such as these from Etsy...



And then I would buy a little side table like this one from Craiglist and paint it to go under the posters. Just to make a cool landing space for all our stuff when we walk in the door.


My inspiration came from this home that I saw in Lonny's latest issue. They have a really cool vintage poster of the movie Darling and I thought it was a great idea to mix that in with other great art.



Thanks for having me Nikki!

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  1. Oh I love the Poster Idea, that Image is so big but just works in the space perfect! XX Samie


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