Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decor 2011

Well, here is my house all decked out for Christmas. This is the tree in our living room. I thought about changing up my colors this year, but really, I still like the red/lime-y green/silver combo that I have had for years. So, I kept is simple and didn't buy anything new. I was just excited to be in a new house to decorate for Christmas. One that didn't require major furniture rearranging to accommodate the tree.

My mom gave us her old tree a few years ago, so we have 2 Christmas trees, lots of room, and a little boy that really wanted colored lights and mis-matched ornaments. Yep, we put up two trees. Sure it was a lot more work, but the boys think it is great and that is really all that matters. My mom was excited when I told her we were doing 2 trees so she went to HL and bought them a whole bunch of "boy" ornaments. Cade has also been coloring all kinds of things and hanging them on "his" tree. Good times. We still need a topper, but I'm holding out for the after Christmas sales.

It was fun to add a little Christmas cheer throughout my kitchen. This is the first time in a long time that I have had enough counter space.

 The Christmas balls landed on the chandelier in my kitchen. They are my fav Christmas decor this year. Oh, and when my mom walked in my house she said,"I like your big balls!" Ha, if you know my mom you know that she doesn't say things like that it. It was quite funny. These Christmas balls continue to make me laugh, but still not as good as last year.

 Breakfast table runner and simple hurricane.

 This is the first Christmas in 12 or 13 years that I haven't had a mantle. I tried the stockings a few places, but they finally landed on the banister. I just hung them with some leftover strips of fabric.

The entry table at the back door.

If you missed my dining room all decked out for Christmas you can see it here.

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  1. Very cute, I love the snowmen (my daughter broke hers). I also love love love that table runner!

  2. Love the trees and well...everything! I have not done the first thing this year! No tree nothing! Poor Gavin. His room is in the process of being painted and it's not going well.

    I seriously need your skills it's to bad they aren't transferable for a couple weeks! (hehe)

    Have a Merry Christmas! Thanks for all your love and support!

  3. I love the big balls too. Lol... It looks great. We have 2 trees two. The boys have to have one of their own with the colored lights.


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