Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Organized - The Kitchen Gadget Drawers

I'm still on an organizing kick. I had a little bit of time this week to tackle a few drawers, so I started with the kitchen gadget drawers. I keep most of my frequently used utensils in a crock on the counter next to the stove, but still have quite the plethora of stuff.


I took everything out, wiped the drawers, and then lined them with some pretty contact paper that I found at TJ MAXX. 

I was pretty brutal when it came time to sort everything. If I don't use it regularly, it got tossed/sold/donated. I still have way more knives that anyone needs, but they all fit in the tray and my husband says he uses most of them, so I let them be.

The drawer on the left is referred to as the "sharp" drawer, and the drawer on the right is the "baking"drawer. We like to keep things simple around here.


I have to say that the pretty paper makes the drawers. Two down, and several more to go. 

PS - If you didn't check out yesterdays 2 Bills 2 Blow post by Simple Dwellings
make sure you check it out.

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  1. Looks great! I love the satisfactin of cleaning out drawers. I really need to just get all the trays cleaned out, but I really hate doing that.

  2. Wow, Nicole! This looks great! I'll have to check out my TJ Maxx for some cool pattern paper like this. I'm impressed with your organization skills, my sweet friend!


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