Friday, January 25, 2013

Clothespin Memo Board

 Way back before Christmas I went to a Mom's Night In craft night, and made a Christmas Advent Calendar. Well, I painted a few clothespins that night; I didn't get anywhere near done. To make the Advent Calendar I took the chalkboard that hangs in my kitchen out of the frame and inserted a piece of foam core board. Once all of my clothespins were painted, I simply attached them to the board with hot glue. And just for the record, if I were to go back and do this again, I would just use craft tape to decorate the clothespins. Much easier and less time consuming. I then used a tag punch, scrapbook paper, and number stickers to make tags for each day. The plan was to write an activity on the back of each tag, but that was a huge Mom fail on my part. I never did. Oops!

Christmas Advent Calendar (iphone pic)
The inspiration for the Advent Calendar was found here.

Fast forward to January. I had planned to put the chalkboard back in the frame in my kitchen and put the Advent Calendar away until next year, but I decided that the Advent Calendar would actually make a really great memo board. I really liked the lightness of the board in the kitchen better than the black chalkboard, and I thought that this might actually be more useful. I am always looking for a place to put scripture verses and appointment cards. Somewhere other than the fridge. I like my fridge to stay nice and clean (minus a few magnets the boys play with and our family calendar).

I am now really glad that I decided NOT to add red the the clothespins to make them more Christmas-y.

 Here you can see the details on the clothespins. I tried not to make any two exactly the same.

It's nice to have a place for important reminders and a few photos.

And that, is the story of my Christmas Advent Calendar turned Clothespin Memo Board.

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  1. Very cute idea. I love the idea of using clothespins for a memo board.

  2. Thanks Kim, it's been very functional so far!

  3. Such a smart idea to repurpose this from advent! Genius!

  4. Great idea. I wanted to do something similar. I am hosting a link party and would love it if you would check it out. Thanks and great job.


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