Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekly Recap and Meal Plan {January 26th}

 I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. We haven't done much of anything. The hubs had to work today and the boys wanted to hang out with Nana and Papa, so I had several hours to myself. It was nice. I could have done a project, or finished the laundry, but I ended up at the mall. I never go to the mall, but it was nice to just be by myself and walk around.

I still haven't gotten in the habit of getting out my nice camera more to take pics of the boys, so this morning I made them get dressed and we went outside for a little photo shoot. It was fun to practice. I also realized once they were dressed that they were wearing the same clothes they wore the last time I did this. Oh well, I promise they have more clothes. I guess I just have my favorites.

I've been thinking that Saturdays would be a good day to do a weekly recap of pics of the boys from the week or whatever else I want to share at the end of the week in the same post as our meal plan. We'll see how it goes.  The meal plan is down at the end of this post.

Now you get the photo dump from this morning. 

Saturday -Leftovers
Sunday - Meatball Subs (we didn't have the sliders last week)
Monday - Beef and Broccoli, Rice
Tuesday - White Chicken Pizza
Wednesday - Spicy Sausage Pasta
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Out to Dinner

Last week I made Shrimp & Grits and it was REALLY good! I will be making this again. I just thought I would share.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.

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