Monday, January 28, 2013

Modern Black and Red Bedroom Inspiration Board

I have several friends that always send me random texts asking where to move this, what color should I get in this, what kind of curtains, what color paint, and so on. I kinda like it.

One of my friends is in the process of redoing her son's room. He requested black and red (I'm sure this has nothing to do with being a Georgia Bulldog fan).Ummm...Roll Tide! Like most moms, she wants his room to reflect him, but she also wants to make sure that it looks pulled together. I decided that I would just put together an inspiration board to help her visualize some of the different options. I tried really hard to keep things as inexpensive as possible.
1. Lamp- Every bedroom could use a little bit of extra lighting. The metal finish and grey shade would work nicely in the room and break up some of the back, white, and red.
2.Chalkboard Wall - This was actually the mom's idea, and I think it is a great one. The room has a light tan paint color and the trim is also somewhat of a tan color, so she isn't really looking to paint the whole room. This would give the room a little depth and be fun to personalize.
3. Curtains - My favorite place to bring some pattern into a room is in the curtains. I really like the triangle chain pattern on these. It's geometric and somewhat neutral at the same time. If she wanted to save a little cash, these would be an easy diy project. Just get 2 twin size white flat sheets (approx. $4-$5 each) and then cut a sponge into a triangle to sponge paint them. Various shades of gray and maybe a silver, red or black here or there would also work. You can see it here done as art work.
4.Cork Letters - I think it's important to bring in a little bit of natural color and texture into any space. I thought these might be a fun addition to this room. They could spell out his name or some other word that is special. I thought these were priced pretty well, but they could also be a diy project with paper mache letters from the craft store covered in cork.
5. Bedding -  This was the starting point for this room. My friend had already picked it out and I used it to build the rest of the inspiration for this room.
6. Fabric -  This is option #1 for a fabric covered headboard.
7. Media Stand - This is option #1 for media storage. Every teenage boy needs somewhere to put his TV and game consoles. The black and metal option is fairly inexpensive and has a good bit of storage.
8. Fabric - Option #2 for a fabric covered headboard.
9. Media Stand - Option #2 for media storage. This one is a little different from the other one. It has drawers instead of shelves and cabinets.
10. Nightstand -  Every bedroom needs a nightstand. This one is nice and minimal, but will still provide a good bit of storage. The top just needs a a lamp and maybe a favorite photo in a red frame. The front of the drawer could also be dressed up with a knob, or a vinyl decal of some kind to reflect his interests.The shelf on the bottom is perfect for stacking books or a metal basket to corral other things.
11. Fabric Covered Head Board - A fabric covered headboard would be a nice addition to the room as well. The great thing about a fabric headboards is that they can be done very inexpensively and  they aren't very hard to do depending on how intricate you decide you want them. You can use something nice and light weight for the wood and most hardware stores will cut wood to size for you.

I didn't add any accessories to the room because I felt like they probably already had a lot of personal things they plan to use, but I would definitely add a few splashes of red and a good bit of metal in the accessories.

I hope this gives my friend a little inspiration for her son's room.

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  1. What a COOL bedroom for a teen boy! For some reason that Beyonce song, "If I Were a Boy", popped in my head. LOL "*singing* If I were a boy... I want a room just like this..." Ha! Seriously, though, you did such a good job putting this together!

    P.S. Thanks for sharing this with the Bliss Project link up. I know other people are going to LOVE it!

  2. Love this! I wish I was better at designing and house stuff I hope you will add this and any other posts you're proud of to my link party!

    Marissa @ Rae Gun Ramblings


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