Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crystal Blue

Yesterday was my birthday! It was a great day and everyone did a great job making me feel loved and special. I was treated to lunch, I received gift cards to some of my favorite places, money to go shopping, my sis made me a Paula Dean strawberry cake, my husband and daddy took care of dinner, I was showered with sweet hugs and kisses from my sweet boys, my phone was blowing up with sweet messages on facebook all day....and I got this!

I saw it while shopping with Cade a week or two ago and mentioned that it would make a great birthday gift. He was a sweet boy and made sure his Daddy knew about it.

Do you know how old my other blender was? I have been married for 15 years and my husband had it before we got married. It was starting to sound very worn out and may or may not have been mangled pretty bad do to operator error. Let's just say that I am glad this one doesn't really come apart. It should make it's life span much longer.

I have always been a smoothie and protein shake drinker, so I am looking forward to putting this thing to use. I am also excited that it is pretty enough to leave out on the counter.

Thank you to everyone that made my day super special!

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