Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favs - June 28

Let me tell you about my blogging fail and then I will show you my favs from the week.

I have been getting a ton of spam comments so I changed my settings so that I have to approve ALL comments. Guess what, if you forget that you did that you will log in to write a post and see a ton of comments that you need to approve. OOPS! Sorry about that. I really do read and appreciate all of your sweet comments. Well, all of them that aren't spammy.

Jackie from Teal & Lime has done it again. These look great, would be super functional, and look like something I could pull of for our playroom. There is even a video tutorial, so be sure to check it out.

My friend Alana from Sparrow + Grace has been brain storming ideas on how to decorate her home in a way that reflects her and her husband's style. I am really liking this room she put together. 

In other news, I did something crafty. I had a thirty-one party last week and wanted to add a little something to jazz up my display table. I used some old and new thirty-one fabric swatches to whip up a quick bunting for my table. I didn't even sew it. I just ran ribbon through the grommets and tied them in knots.

Have a great weekend.  I will do my best to remember to moderate all those comments!

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