Monday, September 30, 2013

The Intro - 31 Days - Choosing to Become a Less Selfish Wife and Mom

I have wanted to be a wife and mom for as long as I can remember. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 15 years, and a mommy for almost 8 years. I am living my dream, but most days I feel completely overwhelmed with everything that I am responsible for.

Somewhere along the way I have become a selfish wife and mommy. Instead of choosing to find joy in doing the things that I have been called to do and serving my family well; I have let other things creep in and steal my time and my joy. You know the stuff I'm talking about. Reading blogs. Writing a blog. Comparing your real life to the highlight reel you see your friends post on Facebook and Instagram. Feeling like you have to do EVERYTHING that you see on Pinterest. Some people are really good about keeping their priorities in order and using their time wisely. I haven't been one of those people. I have let all of these things become time suckers. And time suckers turn into happy suckers.

I don't want to continue to be the mom that spends her days wasting her time on useless things. I want to be the wife and mom that God has called me to be. I want serve my family well, and make sure they know how much they are loved. I want my actions to match my words.

I have never participated in the Nester's challenge to write on one topic for 31 days, but I really wanted to do it this year. I initially planned to write "31 Days to a More Organized Life". I am sure it would have been great, and very Pin-able, but I knew that wasn't the direction I was supposed to go. The Lord kept bringing me back to this. The thing He is working on inside of me. I don't have the series all planned out and don't know the exact direction that it will go, so I am just going to let the Lord lead me.

Day 1 : The Intro
Day 2 : My Own Strength
Day 3:  Perspective
Day 4:  The Trap
Day 5:  Choose To Do
Day 6:  Choose To Do, Again
Day 7:  A Quote
Day 8:  Letting Go of Perfection
Day 9:  Saying No
Day 10:  Sleep
Day 11:  Failure is Not an Option
Day 12:  The Phone Challenge
Day 13:  What is Next?
Day 14:  A Calling
Day 15:  The Worst Part About Not Having an iPhone for 12 Days
Day 16:  The Wife and Mama Heart Change

I had good intentions, but I did not finish this series. I have tried several times to pick it back up, but I am officially moving on. I did learn that for me to successfully complete a project like this, it will need a lot more prep work a head of time.

Day 17:
Day 18:
Day 19:
Day 20:
Day 21:
Day 22:
Day 23:
Day 24:
Day 25:
Day 26:
Day 27:
Day 28:
Day 29:
Day 30:
Day 31:


  1. I think this is an excellent topic, and one I can relate to. Your words have already struck a cord. I'm excited to do this challenge, as a first timer, with you! New follower on Twitter and BlogLovin so I don't miss your posts. :-)

  2. What a great topic. I can't wait to read more. New follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

  3. Excellent topic! It will be fun to see where this one goes!

  4. I need to become less selfish, thanks for this! Check out my 31 day marriage challenge, if you want! Http://

  5. I love your topic. I need this too!!!


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