Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2 Bills 2 Blow - Our Joy...His Glory

I am so excited to have Leslie, from Our Joy...His Glory today. Leslie is super sweet, and has 3 of the most precious little girls.

Hey y’all, I’m
Leslie from OUR JOY...HIS GLORY.  I’m
thrilled to contribute to 2 Bills 2 Blow. What a fun challenge! Thanks for having me, Nikki!!!

The Challenge:

If given two hundred bucks to spend on my home, what would I do?  It's not a lot of money, but it's just enough to do some
damage.  I came up with a few options to help me make a decision...


  1. Purchase a
    few eye catching items that can make a small statement here and there. 
  2. Purchase one/two items that really pack a punch.
  3. Change the look of a room with some paint.
What to do?  What to
do? Decisions. Decisions.

For me, it's option #3.

We have lived in our home for a little over three years.  So far, we've painted every room, added new
blinds, changed out the hardware on the doors/cabinets, completed some minor yard work, installed a couple of new appliances, and
changed out a few light fixtures.  It doesn't sound like much, but it quickly adds up.  In all the rush to
slap some paint on the walls, I think I jumped the gun in my kitchen.  It was the first room I painted and now it's time for a change.

The challenge is to explain how I'd spend 200 bucks, but I can do you one better!  My kids are on Spring Break with the grandparents so not only did I think about how I'd spend my money; I actually followed through and made my ideas a reality!!!

Here's a recent view of my kitchen.

Wall color: Valspar Prairie Days

Painting the kitchen walls explains how I'd spend a portion of my money, but I still have some to spare. Continuing with the kitchen makeover, I'm going to use the remainder of my cash to paint the lower cabinets.

My inspiration

Here are my paint swatches:

Woodlawn Snow for the walls and Oregon Dunes for the lower cabinets
(These virtual swatches appear slightly darker than the actual colors.)

Are you ready for a sneak peek into my kitchen now that the walls and cabinets are all painted?

I love the lighter walls!  It really brightens the place up.

Freshly painted walls and cabinets have really improved the overall look of my kitchen!  


2 Gallons Valspar Ultra: Woodlawn Snow, Supplies (brushes, painter's tape, rollers, etc.), 1 Gallon Kilz Primer, and 1 Gallon Valspar Signature: Oregon Dunes.  Grand Total: 166.51

I love the changes and have a little money to spare.  Hmmm....

How about some fabric for new window valances??  That sounds like a plan to me!!!

I've had my eye on this ikat fabric for some time.  A couple of yards, plus some cheap curtain hardware and my money will be all gone! Boohoo!  But I sure had fun spending it and changing the look of my kitchen.

There you have it!!  2 Bills 2 Blow and a before and after!  Now that was fun.  Don't ya think?


New paint for the win! Paint really does make such a difference, and this room looks totally different.

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  1. What a fun transformation! Paint always amazes me! Looks like you had a great Spring Break Leslie!!! Such a fun series Nikki!!! XO, Aimee - ItsOverflowing


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