Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

It's finally Friday!

One. I couldn't get the video to load on this post, but you really should head over to my friend Anna's blog and see the video that she and her family just made. If you enjoy 80's music, adoption, or just watching someone have a good time, then you really should go watch the video. Go watch it now, and then come right back. I have the pleasure of calling this girl one of my best friends. She is way more fun than me. I'm just really excited for all of them. This little boy is already so loved.

Two. If you follow me on instagam, you may have seen the photos of our new fur baby. This is Tucker. He is a 6 month old Maltese, and he is absolutely precious. He is in need of a good hair cut, but still adorable.

Three. Speaking of puppies, Tucker is 6 months old and potty trained, but not crate trained. I have been using this schedule, and he is doing great! He slept all night in his crate in our bedroom on night number 3. We were told that he wasn't fully potty trained, but he has had ZERO accidents since we started the schedule the morning after his first night home. I had taken up ALL of the rugs in our house when we brought him home, but it looks like I will be able to put them back down soon.

Four. The night you bring home a new puppy is not a good night to randomly hurt yourself. I was sitting on the couch Wed. night writing my What You Wish Wednesday post. When I was finished, I went to get off the couch and fell. My foot had fallen completely asleep from my knee down. It was not pretty at all. I'm still not really sure what I did, but my foot is still blue and swollen. I can walk pretty well, and it is starting to feel better, but this hasn't been good for my 100 Mile Summer Challenge. At least I saved my laptop and iPhone. I threw them across the room once I realized I was going down and they landed safely on the other couch.

Five. Do you meal plan? I have started posting our meal plans every week here on the blog. You can find them HERE.

Have a great weekend!

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