Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Office Nook Reveal

Waaayy back sometime last year, I started working on this office nook. I'm not fast when it comes to makeovers, but that is okay. I like to take my time, find good deals, and really think things through as far as how we use the space.

This is not the most stylish, up-to-date office nook, but it is very functional, practical, and realistic for our family. I'm good with that!

This little space is between our den and kitchen area. Do you see that counter on the right? It became a MAJOR dumping ground for anything and everything that comes into this house. Mail, papers, bags, groceries, random toys, everything! My goal has been to make  homes for these items so that things can easily be put away. They still generally land on the counter, but they don't normally stay there for too long.

This is where this space started. The desk was the same, and I had a nice gallery wall, but there wasn't much useful storage.

This was still way back in September of last year. I had added a new shelf system, but was taking my time when it came to adding containers.

I ended up painting the round hat boxes because the shape and size worked really well for what I am storing in them. The white boxes are just inexpensive photo boxes from Micheal's, and the black boxes are document boxes that I picked up on clearance at Target.

My favorite additions to the space are the things we added to the wall. The shelf above the desk was a scrap piece of plywood that I stained, and then mounted with cheap L brackets that I spray painted gold. I probably have $5 in that shelf. I re-purposed the clothespin memo board that I made and turned it into a bulletin board. I hated to take the other board apart, but I need something that faced the other direction. The wall files have been the perfect solution to keeping the paper clutter off of the kitchen counter.

I'm sure that I will continue to tweak this space some, but for the most part it is done. Sometimes I miss having a room dedicated to an office space, but really, I think having everything very handy is more practical for us right now. What about you? Do you have a dedicated office space in your home or do you have a small office nook tucked in a corner somewhere?

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  1. Your storage boxes are awesome Nikki! Thanks for sharing :)


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