Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Playroom Updates

This post is WAY overdue. I'm not even really sure how to catch you up to speed without making this a really long post, but I am going to try.

Back in November, our playroom looked like this.

I had just painted the walls and was about to add the stripes. I was also really close to having the room done. You can check out my original To Do List HERE.

This is the playroom as of yesterday.

It's still not done, but we are getting really close. I completed everything on the original list (except figuring out where to hang my boys' art work), and then added to it.

- I painted stripes on this wall.
- We built a tank stand and added a 40 gallon African Cichlid tank.
- I moved the tall bookcases to the boys' bedrooms. The room was starting to feel really heavy.
- We are in the process of adding more shelving in the closet to hold the stuff that was on the tall bookcases.
- I updated the gallery wall over the love seat and make pillow covers for ZERO money.
- I added a rug.
- I built and stained shelves for Cade's Lego Creations.
- I moved the kid kitchen to the other side of the love seat and added a reading nook. (Crib mattress and Pillows)
- The boys asked for a Mine Craft poster, so I hung one on the wall.
- We passed the train table on to another little boy, and built a new coffee table.

I think that gets you all caught up.

My biggest dilemma right now is what to put on the striped wall. Looking at this picture it looks like it really needs something, but in person it doesn't feel that way to me. I don't want to just add to it for the sake of a pretty picture. Does that make sense? I enjoy decorating, making our home pretty and functional, and sharing it with everyone. I just don't want to over due it because it reads better in a picture. This really is our home. We live and play here. It's not a magazine. HaHa.... not that any part of our home is magazine worthy, but you know what I mean. I may add something on this wall that we can use to display kid art. Any suggestions?

The rest of my to do list.

- Decide how to finish the coffee table. (paint, stain, paint/stain combo?)
- Finish stuffing the rest of the pillows I made.
- Build and Paint shelves for inside the closet.
- Possibly add a different media/shelf unit for under the television to store media components, dvds, and video games. (not pictured)

We are sooooo close!

Hopefully I can decide on a game plan for the table and get it done this week.

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