Tuesday, September 9, 2014

7 Things About Me

 (that is Henry waving)

I don't normally participate in these kinds of things, but I have really enjoyed reading 7 things about some of my favorite blogger friends. So thank you Stasia, for nominating me for this one.

7 things about me...

1. I love Jesus  and seek to be more like Him everyday.

2. I am usually really awkward when I first meet someone or have a first conversation with someone that I have met, but haven't really talked to. Example: This past Sunday at church a girl was waiting to talk to me in the hall. I have been introduced to her, but it had been a while. I new her name, but when she reintroduced herself I repeated her name instead of giving her my name. I just have to laugh at myself.

3. I cut my own hair. I have never been the girl that enjoys going to get my hair done. Two years ago I was on vacation with my Mom and Sister and I talked my sister into cutting my hair after watching a You Tube Video. I been cutting it myself ever since. I typically watch a few how to videos on Saturday night, and then cut my hair Sunday morning before church.

4. I normally have no less than 4.5 projects going on at one time. This would be great if I made the time to blog about all of these projects.

5. I play the trumpet. It has been a few years since I have played, but I am starting to miss it.

6. I get overwhelmed very easily. This is why I say "NO" so often. (#4 may contribute to this.)

7. Some of my favorite things are the color green, spray paint, cooking, learning to take better pictures, decorating, a nice cup of coffee, staying up late to enjoy the quite (I don't this often anymore, I need my sleep), a good nap on Sunday afternoon, a date night with my husband, a fun little adventure with my boys, and getting to have a conversation with an adult that doesn't get interrupted by a kid.

I am nominating anyone that would like to participate. If you post 7 things, please let me know so that I can come check them out.




  1. I have an addiction to spray paint, too!

  2. I love his little hand poking into the picture! Too cute! And you are so brave to cut your own hair! I can barely style my hair, let alone cut it!

    1. Ha! I have definitely gotten better with practice. I went into knowing I could go have if fixed if I messed it up.

  3. Henry is too funny!
    I didn't know you cut your own hair. I've known a couple people over the course of my life that do, and I wish I had that ability! At this point though, I would settle for being better at styling it, but I'm too lazy.
    I feel really awkward around people I don't know very well too. (Sometimes even around people I DO know.) That's why I basically NEVER move around during "meet and greet" on Sunday mornings. HA!

    1. Just because I cut it, doesn't mean that it isn't styled in a bun most days. haha

      Yeah, I normally just sit down during the "meet and greet". It's safer that way!

  4. So fun… I usually don't do these either… but this seemed so fun and easy! thanks for participating :)


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