Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Simple Painted Project - Simple Chandelier

I have another Chandelier makeover for today's Simple Painted Project.

This is another one of those really simple projects that makes you wonder, is it really the same light fixture? It really is. It just looks much better and is better fit for out style.

This beauty was originally brass, and covered in teardrop shaped crystals. It was also originally in the dining room. I moved it for a few years to the kitchen breakfast room, and then moved it back to the dining room after we built our new table.

Once the chandelier had been take down from the ceiling, I dusted it, removed the little white covers, taped the sockets where the light bulbs go, and then hung it from a chain in a tree that is in our back yard. ( I have a permanent chain and hook hanging in one of our trees. That is normal, right?)

I used a spray primer and then a few coats of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

This post is day 8 of a 31 day Series. You can see all 31 Simple Painted Projects HERE.

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  1. That looks so good! I really like that!

  2. Love it! We have a chandelier that we made over too... We found it at the curb on our neighborhood's big trash day. It was brass and I just sprayed it Oil rubbed bronze, added some bulbs and it fit in to our new home's decor. It's one of my favorite finds ever because our home was a foreclosure and there was no light fixture in the dinning room when we moved in so it was totally one of those cases of finding something at the perfect time.


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