Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Simple Painted Project - Unify Mismatched Frames

It's no secret that I like to find little treasures at thrift or second hand stores. I enjoy the hunt, but I also enjoy the process of a giving a piece a totally new look.

I found these 3 mirrors are various places over the course of a few months. I can't find the before pictures, but they were all 3 different colors and finished. The picture frame in the middle also started out gold with cream and peach mats.

I decided to unify the look of all the items with spray paint before I created this little gallery wall for our master bedroom.

Frames are a very simple painted project. I prefer to remove the contents of a frame before I paint them to keep the process simple. Sometimes mirrors can't be removed as easily, so I just tape the front of them really well to keep from getting paint on them.

This was another Simple Painted Project. Don't overlook items that have nice shape or scale just because the finish isn't exactly what you want. It can usually be changed very easily.

Do you like the LOVE print? It is a free printable that I created a while back. You can find it HERE. (For personal use only.)

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