Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Simple Painted Project - Another Thrifted Lamp Base

Yep, I have another thrifted lamp base to share with you today. Don't worry, there will be at least one more.

Before I tell you how simple it is (again), to paint a lamp, I want to share with you the back story of these lamps. It just so happens to be my favorite thrift store adventure.

I have had these lamps for 4 years now, and I like them just as much as I did when I first got them. I spent SIX months consistently looking for a pair of lamps at thrift stores that I could make over. I was determined to find a deal on lamps. Patience is key, my friends.

 I walked into a thrift store one day and saw this pair of lamps. I was immediately drawn to the shape and brass details. I picked one up and stared looking it over. A lady came up behind me (a little too close), and started talking about the lamps that I was looking at. I quickly grabbed the second one and put it in my cart.  She said, "Are you getting those? They are beautiful."  I said, "yes, ma'am, I am."  She continued to follow me around the store to make sure that I was still going to get these lamps. It was kind of creepy.

I was headed to the checkout and someone came on the intercom,
and announced that all lamps were currently on SALE FOR $1 EACH! Major score!

I brought them home, cleaned them up, and taped off all the parts that I didn't want painted.  I then painted a coat of spray primer,  and a few thin coats of glossy, white spray paint. The finish has help up beautifully over the years. 

This post is day 11 of a 31 day Series. You can see all 31 Simple Painted Projects HERE.


  1. That looks amazing! I have a couple of lamps that I need to spruce up! Thanks for the inspiration!


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