Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cade is 6 - The Zoo

We decided that since Cade's birthday was the weekend of Thanksgiving and we were spending Thanksgiving in Jacksonville it would be a good time to take the boys the the zoo. 

Before we headed to the zoo, 
we had to have the traditional birthday breakfast doughnut with a candle in it.

Where is the birthday boy?

Checking out the flamingos.

 Time for a carousel ride.

 Checking out the penguins.

 I'm pretty sure he is saying "cool".

 This picture makes me melt. Cade is the BEST big brother!
These boys love each other so much.
I love being their mommy.

We had a great day celebrating Cade's 6th birthday.

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  1. I too loved the picture of Cade with his arm around his little brother! Precious!

  2. Love your pics, Nikki! Cade and Henry are the cutest little sweetie pies! Thanks for sharing your fun zoo trip with us!

  3. Love the pic of you and him together! Hope he had a wonderful birthday!! =)


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