Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Herringbone Pumpkin

I am attending a Pinterest Party this weekend and needed to bring a fall themed craft to exchange white elephant style. First of all, I'm really excited about this party! It is being hosted by our local mom's meetup group. Everyone brings a recipe pinned on Pinterest, and craft pinned on Pinterest, and then we are going to make 5 crafts. SUPER EXCITED!

Anyway, I needed to make something to take to the party. I had a few ideas, but nothing seemed like "the thing". Until Monday. I was browsing Pinterest and saw this.

Ummm....yes, please. Only, I didn't want to mess with all of that taping. That is too tedious for this girl. I grabbed a pumpkin from my "fall" cabinet and painted it white with acrylic paint. Then, I brainstormed a little. What graphic print could I paint free hand and it not look terrible?

I chose to give herringbone a go. I also decided that gold was my color.

 This was a pretty quick project. I painted the pumpkin white, painted the grooves gold with a small paint brush and then added the other stripes with a small paint brush to make the herringbone pattern.

I probably should not have revealed what I'm bringing to the Pinterest Party before the party, but 1.) I'm pretty sure none of them read my blog 2.) I'm not good with surprises anyway 3.) I really needed something to blog about. :)

Now I have to make one of these for myself.

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  1. Love it! I was looking for some pumpkin ideas and I think this is it! (Should I not pin just yet?)

  2. Very cute! I follow The blog where the original pic on pinterest came from. These pumpkins are adorable!

  3. This turned out so cute! I'm thinking all my pumpkins are getting a spray paint job this year. I'm just not feeling the orange. =) Love the touch of gold.

    And I'm kind of obsessed with this party idea. I hope you'll share how it went!

    1. Kim, I'm planning to share all about the party! The hostesses keep posting sneak peeks about all of the goodies that we get to take home....I'm just a LITTLE excited!

  4. Oh my goodness, I totally want to make a herringbone pumpkin! That is so cute! I'm going to share this on my facebook page right now! XO, Aimee

  5. What a classy looking pumpkin!

    Visiting from your It's Overflowing feature :)

  6. yeeees, now this is good! i could do this...maybe.

  7. Love your pumpkin. Herringbone is such a great pattern and it works perfectly. It's so elegant!

    I found you through Shabby Nest's linky party and I'm your newest GFC follower. Hope you can stop by for a visit sometime and follow back. Have a great weekend!
    Tuula :)

  8. Great job and that party idea sounds like so much fun!!

  9. I love non traditional pumpkins! And I love herringbone too. I need to do this! Here from tt&j

  10. Awesome! I really like the colors that you used! They look beautiful together for fall. Megan


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