Monday, February 24, 2014

If You Give Nikki A Razor Blade

You know those children's books, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" and "If You Give a Mouse a Cupcake"?

I feel like I could be the main character in those books most days. Asher always jokes, that when we clean up the kitchen every night after dinner my job is to rinse the dirty dishes and load the dishwasher. I don't clear the table, or put the food away, or even put the clean dishes away. He says that if I put the food away I may end up cleaning out the entire fridge, or if I put the clean dishes a way I may decide to reorganize the cabinet. Ha, he knows me well.

I had one of those days Thursday, and decided that I wanted to document it. It was kind of funny how one simple project snowballed on me.

Thursday morning started out like a typical Thursday. We did school in the morning and then I planned to finish up a small project before doing some cleaning. (I normally do floors on Tuesday, but waited until Thursday because I wanted to finish a few projects up first.) You may have noticed in the recent Dining Room Reveal that the bamboo roman shades were closed in all of the pictures. I had recently painted the window frames white, and had not yet scraped all of the paint off of the glass. This was the one project that I planned to do so that I could vacuum everything up while I had the vacuum out. Sounds simple enough, right?

I got a razor blade out and scraped all of the paint off of the window panes. As I was inspecting my work, I realized that there was some paint on the outside of the windows that had never been scraped off. It has been there since before we moved in it. I went outside and scraped all of the paint off of the outside of the windows. At this point I look at the windows and realize that they are FILTHY! No wonder I never open the blinds! I just thought it was because the windows needed to be painted white.

This is where it all gets kind of crazy. Our yard is not fenced in, but there is a chain link dog pen  behind this side of the house. The water spout in located in the dog pen, but we can't keep a hose there because our sweet Izzy likes to chew on things. I went and got a hose and drug it across the yard so that I could wash the windows. Of course I don't realize that I got the hose that had the end cut off until I had it all ready to go. I decide that a spray nozzle isn't necessary. This was not a good call, by the way. No spray nozzle means lots of extra water coming out of the hose between the time you spray the window and then walk to the spout to turn it off. Extra water plus dog pen equals mud. Lots of mud. Anyway, I washed the windows. ALL of the windows across the back of the house. I couldn't reach the top of the windows so I grabbed the  brush we use to wash our cars. (Note to self - rinse brush really well before you wash the car.) I had a brush, so of course I can't JUST wash the windows. I scrub the little bit of siding that is above the brick, and the eaves of the house. While I am at it, I might as well do the same thing to the back door and the sidelight windows. I just couldn't stop.

It's probably a good thing that Asher got home from work at this point. There is no telling what else I would have tried to do. Asher grilled dinner and then after I got the kids bathed, kitchen cleaned, and kids in bed I finally got back around to vacuuming and mopping my floors.

So, if you give Nikki a razor blade....

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