Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Days of Simple Painted Projects - The Red Chandelier

Did you know that spray painting a chandelier is really simple? The hardest part is getting it down. I wouldn't know how to do this, but thankfully my husband is good with all of the electrical stuff.

I still kind of have a crush on this red chandelier, but it didn't start out this pretty.

When I first laid eyes on this chandelier it looked like this. It was pretty, but dated. And covered in many layers of dust.

Here are a few tips to keep this project simple.

-Dust the chandelier well.
-Hang a chain with a hook to a sturdy tree branch. Then hang the chandelier from the hook. This will make it really simple to get the spray paint to all of the places it needs to get to on the chandelier.
-Give it a nice coat of spray primer.
-Once it has been primed, you can start painting. Be sure to keep that spray can about 10-12" away from the chandelier while painting.
-Several thin coats of spray paint are better than a few heavy coats. Heavy coats will cause the paint to drip.
-Let the chandelier hang until it is nice and dry, and then it is ready to re-install.

This post is day 3 of a 31 day Series. You can see all 31 Simple Painted Projects HERE.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this! You did a great job!

  2. WOW. That is the red. You chose a fun project for the 31-day challenge. Brave too. I love to paint, but don't think I could come up with 31 of these! I'll be following along to see what you share with us!


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