Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Simple Painted Project - Painted Frame

Today's Simple Painted Project is a Painted Frame. This is one of those projects that you can keep very simple, or more intricate depending on your skill level. You can paint them for Birthday's like the one shown,  or for any other special occasion. You can paint a monogram, or name, or phrase. These are really fun, and the possibilities are endless.

Since we are keeping it simple, I have listed a few easy steps to make the Striped Birthday Frame as pictured.

-start with an unfinished wooden frame (these can be purchase at most craft stores)
-paint 2-3 coats of an acrylic paint on the back and front of frame, let dry
-tape off stripes with painters tape
-paint your second color, let dry
-use a sanding block to sand the edges, front, and back (if you don't want the frame to be a little distressed sand the frame before the first coat of paint)
-paint a round wooden unfinished disc (can be purchased at most craft stores)
-paint number on the front with a paint brush or paint pen, let dry
-sand edges of round disc
-seal the frame and disc with good sealer to protect frame
-glue disc to front of frame

This post is day 4 of a 31 day Series. You can see all 31 Simple Painted Projects HERE.

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